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November 2017 Archives

Retaliation rampant in California sexual harassment cases

Sexual harassment has been a problem in American workplaces for decades, although it is getting far more attention in recent months. A nationwide trend of discoveries and allegations indicates that the time of unpunished inappropriate behavior may finally be drawing to a close.

California car manufacturer sued for racial discrimination

Diversity is the great driver of innovation, industry and economic growth. California, one of the nation's most diverse states, also has one of the world's largest economies and a great stake in maintaining workplaces that are safe and attractive for all people who wish to work there.

Lawsuit against California has bizarre conclusion

A strange legal situation has ended a family's legal claim against a California state department and has left several legal experts baffled. The survivors of a man killed on the job ceased their claim against the state after an obscure law blocked their chances of success.

California legislators will hold hearings on sexual harassment

Although progress has been made in efforts to prevent sexual harassment and inappropriate sexualized behavior in the workplace, there is much work to be done. Recent allegations and discoveries show that several groups of Californian workers who simply want to pursue careers are facing harassment and discrimination in the entertainment, real estate and venture capital industries.


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