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Hold a former employer liable for a wrongful termination

Employees count on their employers to pay them so they can cover bills and other life expenses. When you are terminated unexpectedly, you likely won't have the funds available to cover those expenses. You might think that there isn't anything you can do to remedy the situation; however, it is possible that you may have legal recourse that can help you to hold the employer liable for the situation.

Age is just a number -- unless you're a judge in California

These days, it's more common than ever to hear the phrase, "Age is just a number!" People are living longer -- and healthier -- than ever before. Their work lives are also extended. Nobody thinks much of it anymore when someone -- particularly a well-educated professional -- is working well into their "golden years."

Can workers be discriminated against for sexual orientation?

When you've read over a job vacancy or application before, you've likely seen a listing of different classes of people that are protected from discrimination under federal laws. They strictly prohibit a worker from being treated differently from others solely based on their age, race, national origin, disability or pregnancy status or religion. Sexual orientation isn't included on this list though.


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