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Follow these tips after a wrongful termination

If you strongly believe you were the victim of wrongful termination, you shouldn't let your former employer get away this act. There are many steps you can take to prove that you were wrongfully terminated, which allows you to potentially receive compensation in return.

Will my disability prevent me from getting a job interview?

You're a college graduate. You're well qualified for a job in your field. You have a disability that isn't outwardly visible, but it likely could be a factor when you interview or take a test for a job. You're scared you won't be able to complete the interview process.

How do you prove a constructive discharge claim?

Discriminatory employers can't simply fire a worker because he or she is a member of a specific race or religion. For this reason, they could make working conditions so intolerable that the employee decides to quit. When this happens, it's called "constructive dismissal" – and just like firing someone for discriminatory reasons is unlawful, constructive dismissal is also a violation of state and federal employment laws.


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