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Is it legal to discriminate against employees based on their DNA?

Imagine you reported to a job interview, and your future boss asked you to spit into a cup. You don't have any strands of DNA that could produce a red hiring flag, so you get the job. The guy behind you, on the other hand, isn't so lucky. Although you're both the same in every respect, the other person has a DNA signature that your boss doesn't want.

2 reasons why sexual harassment victims fail to come forward

When viewing the situation from the outside, some individual could wonder why a victim of sexual harassment fails to come forward. However, as soon you experience sexual harassment for yourself, the highly personal reasons become clear. In fact, every case of sexual harassment is different, and often it's a variety of factors that lead victims to remain silent. Here are two common reasons why:

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act help?

Americans who have documented disabilities used to suffer from immense discrimination. Often, they were unable to find gainful employment and needed to rely on others – typically generous family members -- for their financial support and other needs. These days, the situation is dramatically different. Although there are many men and women with disabilities who still need to rely on others, there are countless more who make vital contributions to their communities through their employment.

Signs you could be facing age discrimination at work

Are you feeling that your age is becoming an issue at work? This can be extremely frustrating since you may be feeling the most useful and confident in your job now than ever before. New research is backing up the fear of age discrimination, showing that more than half of older working Americans are getting pushed out of their longtime jobs before they want to.


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