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May 2018 Archives

Woman settles retaliation lawsuit with California employer

California prides itself on being at the forefront of protections for a diverse group of employees and workers that keep the state's economy running. Although many laws and practices protect the victims of sexual harassment, there is still much work to be done.

What protections do disabled Californians have in the workplace?

It takes all types to make an effective diverse workplace, and this includes people with physical disabilities. Disabled employees often contribute a fresh perspective to important work, bringing products and services to more people.

Electronics firm settles gender pay gap case

Employees in the Golden State can expect some of the best workplace rights protections in the United States and the world. California defines more than a dozen protected classes of people by gender, race, disability and other personal factors that may not suffer discrimination under the state's law. This means that none of these groups may be treated differently in the workplace based on those factors.

California Supreme Court ruling redefines employment law

From union breaks to medical leave guarantees, the world of labor regulation has been built on workers standing up to unfair conditions. Many rules are enforced by companies and local governments, but the state government in Sacramento is the main creator and enforcer of the laws that keep employees safe.

How large companies are violating employee’s basic rights

American workers have fought for better workplace conditions and fair treatment for years. Labor laws have been developed throughout history to enforce fair and humane expectations for workers across all industries. Some of the basic rights include a guaranteed minimum wage, break time after a set amount of consecutive work, workers’ compensation and more.

Suit for wrongful termination filed against food corporation

California law often exceeds federal regulations in protecting its workforce's employee rights. New laws supplement these protections, such as a 12-week requirement for new parent leave and a highly competitive minimum wage. One of the most important laws protects employees from wrongful termination or dismissal without cause.


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