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California suit alleges wrongful termination and discrimination

Diversity in the workplaces of California is one of the main causes of the state's economic strength. The best managers and employees support this diversity, and the laws of the Golden State underpin one of the most progressive agendas in ensuring all types of people can work without fear of harassment or discrimination.

There are many options for employees and supervisors who believe they have been the victim of workplace discrimination or wrongful termination based on gender, ethnicity or disability. An attorney can help these victims maintain and advance their career options, sue for reinstatement or claim financial damages based on this negative experience.

California law expands parental leave for 2.7 million workers

California parents who work for small companies and are trying to piece together a parental leave to care for their newborn or newly adopted child can breathe a sigh of relief in 2018. An update to California law recently went into effect that expands leave protections to more employees.

As of January 1, companies with at least 20 employees are now required to provide the 12-week guaranteed unpaid parental leave.

How the law addresses workplace discrimination in California

California is one of the most successful economies in the country and the world, and that is partially due to the strength of innovation in all of its sectors from construction to high-tech development. Discrimination against various groups of employees and managers is the enemy of the diversity that fuels this innovation.

As a result, the Golden State has one of the most progressive sets of anti-discrimination laws and guidelines to halt discrimination in its path. Both current employees and applicants to public and private jobs are protected from various types of bias.

Updates to California law target employment discrimination

Smart employers know that the key to a happy and successful workplace is an environment in which all people and groups feel safe and respected. Diversity has long been the key to the innovation that powers American industry, and equal treatment of diverse groups is the soil in which this innovation grows.

The state of California has long been at the nation's vanguard of protecting the rights of women, racial minorities and nationalities represented in its workforce. Employers should be aware of updates to these laws and protections to stay current with the Golden State's employment law.

New California law targets discrimination against ex-convicts

Discrimination of protected classes and other types of employees is bad for business. In a state with such a strong and diversified economy as California, smart employers know to include all possible points of view to maintain a vibrant and innovative workplace.

Fortunately, more attention has been paid to widespread discrimination against women in various industries that call the Golden State home. Racial discrimination, which often affects people of African, Latino and Asian descent, has also been brought to light more often as it happens. The governor of California recently addressed a less-considered type of discrimination.

U.S. employers sued over targeting younger employees on Facebook

A new lawsuit is looking at social media job ads and whether or not targeting prospective employees based on their age constitutes discrimination.

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco by a communications industry labor union, targets several U.S. employers including T-Mobile US Inc, Amazon Inc and Cox Communications Inc. It claims the companies imposed age limits on who could see recruitment ads, targeting jobs only to those younger than 38.

Sexual harassment complaints on the rise

Sexual harassment has been a constant problem in workplaces and elsewhere in society for centuries. It is often easy to ignore the problem if it is not part of a person's daily life, but it seems that -- whether or not sexual harassment is on the rise -- legal attention being paid to the social scourge is increasing.

More than 3,500 federal civil lawsuits related to harassment have been filed thus far in 2017, more than the entirety of 2016, according to an analytics firm that tracks litigation. This comes after 2016 also broke records for gender-based harassment complaints as well.

Nondisclosure agreements under scrutiny in California

Sexual harassment is getting more attention in the news this year, as several industries appear to be rife with previously untold inappropriate behavior by male supervisors and colleagues. An integral part of the problem appears to be the system of restrictions that attempted to keep these allegations from the public.

Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), are often basic parts of employment contracts. They have several uses, such as the preservation of corporate secrets and intellectual property, but they are now under legal scrutiny in California and other states, where victims of sexual harassment have found themselves silenced by NDAs.

California police officers accused of discrimination

It may feel to progressive managers and workers that the United States has left the era of workplace discrimination behind. This may seem true especially in California, where high-tech industries represent the cutting edge of industry and innovation.

Recent investigations into gender-based harassment in the workplace have turned this illusion upside down. Fast-growing tech companies, venture capital firms and even the state capitol in Sacramento have all been placed under a microscope after victims of discrimination have felt safe bringing their stories forward.

Retaliation rampant in California sexual harassment cases

Sexual harassment has been a problem in American workplaces for decades, although it is getting far more attention in recent months. A nationwide trend of discoveries and allegations indicates that the time of unpunished inappropriate behavior may finally be drawing to a close.

However, many companies and managers attempting to defend or ignore sexual harassment still have an array of weapons to attack the victim and his or her version of events.


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