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Wrongful termination lawsuit involves California spa

People leave jobs for all sorts of reasons, but sometimes, Californians are removed from their employment for unjust reasons. If this is the case, sometimes a lawsuit can be the only solution.

The former director of facilities for a Napa County spa recently filed a lawsuit against his previous employer for wrongful termination through retaliation. The plaintiff alleges that he was fired after assorted attempts to make sure the company complied with federal and state guidelines.

California teacher alleges culture of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has gone in recent decades from an expected imposition to an unacceptable issue in the workplace. Smart employers and managers now acknowledge that women, minorities and other protected groups deserve equal treatment and freedom from inappropriate behavior. But the struggle remains real for thousands of workers in California and elsewhere in the nation.

Employers may be liable for environments of sexual harassment even when they are not personally responsible for bad behavior. People and organizations responsible for workplaces in general must create and maintain expectations in which employees feel secure from sexual harassment and safe to report instances of it.

How California employment laws protect pregnant employees

A woman working in California could become pregnant and find herself in a vulnerable position with her job. Employers often protect the health of their business at the expense of their employees. This may be unlawful and could put your place of employment under the spotlight of a discrimination lawsuit.

If you are pregnant, you should know your rights at your workplace. You need to protect yourself from having your rights violated and from facing employment discrimination. Pregnancy and childbirth related issues are covered under sex discrimination in the workplace.

California university investigated for disability discrimination

A division of the U.S. Department of Education is investigating a California university on charges of age and disability discrimination. This comes after allegations that a master's degree student was forced out of her program by a pattern of bias that caused her to fail exams.

The alleged victim of the bias stated that other students in her former cohort had lower grade point averages and got competitive jobs that are well-paid. She appealed to the university for six months before filing a civil rights discrimination claim with the federal department.

California lawsuit involves Family Medical Leave Act

Employees of all businesses have protected rights under California law, including freedom from sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior. If a worker is terminated from his or her position, an employer must show a legal cause to protect his or her rights to employment.

A former employee of a large entertainment company is alleging discrimination and violation of California's Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as wrongful termination in a recent lawsuit. This is a topical issue since the beginning of 2018 brought an expansion of entitlements to family leave in the Golden State.

New laws increase employee protections in California

California employers, especially those in small businesses, woke up on January 1, 2018, to a variety of new laws and restrictions designed to improve employee rights. Although the responsibility of managers and employers is significantly higher, the laws are considered vital to employee safety and satisfaction.

"The landscape has changed. Employers will have to be very, very careful and much more sensitive," according to a California lawyer with experience in labor and employment laws.

How the law defines a hostile work environment

Employees should feel safe in their workplace, but sometimes employers do not create a culture that breeds positive behavior. This can lead to a hostile work environment, which can caused by unchecked employees, untethered contractors or intimidating management.

You have the right to a safe and comfortable workplace, thanks to state and federal law. 

California police officer alleged sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is not only unethical and illegal. Inappropriate behavior in the workplace can damage careers, destroy company morale and retard the growth of a culture of trust and cooperation. Harassment by people in power over public services is especially harmful to society as well as their co-workers.

It is vital that instances of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace do not go unreported. Although the process can be complicated and demoralizing, it matters to people beyond the direct victims of harassment. Legal representation can help ease the tension of reporting instances and pattern of misbehavior.

California suit alleges wrongful termination and discrimination

Diversity in the workplaces of California is one of the main causes of the state's economic strength. The best managers and employees support this diversity, and the laws of the Golden State underpin one of the most progressive agendas in ensuring all types of people can work without fear of harassment or discrimination.

There are many options for employees and supervisors who believe they have been the victim of workplace discrimination or wrongful termination based on gender, ethnicity or disability. An attorney can help these victims maintain and advance their career options, sue for reinstatement or claim financial damages based on this negative experience.

California law expands parental leave for 2.7 million workers

California parents who work for small companies and are trying to piece together a parental leave to care for their newborn or newly adopted child can breathe a sigh of relief in 2018. An update to California law recently went into effect that expands leave protections to more employees.

As of January 1, companies with at least 20 employees are now required to provide the 12-week guaranteed unpaid parental leave.


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