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December 2017 Archives

Updates to California law target employment discrimination

Smart employers know that the key to a happy and successful workplace is an environment in which all people and groups feel safe and respected. Diversity has long been the key to the innovation that powers American industry, and equal treatment of diverse groups is the soil in which this innovation grows.

New California law targets discrimination against ex-convicts

Discrimination of protected classes and other types of employees is bad for business. In a state with such a strong and diversified economy as California, smart employers know to include all possible points of view to maintain a vibrant and innovative workplace.

Sexual harassment complaints on the rise

Sexual harassment has been a constant problem in workplaces and elsewhere in society for centuries. It is often easy to ignore the problem if it is not part of a person's daily life, but it seems that -- whether or not sexual harassment is on the rise -- legal attention being paid to the social scourge is increasing.

Nondisclosure agreements under scrutiny in California

Sexual harassment is getting more attention in the news this year, as several industries appear to be rife with previously untold inappropriate behavior by male supervisors and colleagues. An integral part of the problem appears to be the system of restrictions that attempted to keep these allegations from the public.

California police officers accused of discrimination

It may feel to progressive managers and workers that the United States has left the era of workplace discrimination behind. This may seem true especially in California, where high-tech industries represent the cutting edge of industry and innovation.


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