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Am I a nonexempt employee?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has a set of guidelines in place that determines who is protected by certain laws that are in place for employers. Whether you are exempt or nonexempt can be quite confusing for both employees and employers, but it is very important in determining your rights when it comes to gaining overtime pay and minimum wage.

What evidence can help prove employment discrimination?

Despite the many federal and state laws prohibiting employment discrimination, it still occurs at an alarming rate in California and other states. It is difficult in many cases to understand why employment discrimination still happens in this age of tolerance and acceptance. Some victims may even have difficulty determining if they are suffering discrimination or just imagining things.

Strengthen your sexual harassment claim with these tips

Victims of sexual harassment usually feel powerless to do anything about the unwanted and illegal behavior. Workers who need their jobs and are hesitant to do anything that might place their employment in jeopardy. Some victims choose not to file a claim and may seek out another job instead. While this is certainly their right, taking action can protect the employee and also help prevent others from experiencing sexual harassment.

What are some examples of workplace disability discrimination?

In all American states, including California, it is illegal to engage in disability discrimination in the work environment. Unfortunately, this type of behavior still exists in many workplaces. It might sound strange, but victims of workplace disability discrimination may not always recognize these behaviors, especially if they are subtle instead of overt.

2 examples of wrongful termination in California

Nearly all American states embrace the "at-will" employment concept. What this means is that employees and employers are both free to end a working relationship whenever they want. This termination or employment can occur for a specific reason or for no reason at all. However, this does not give California employers the right to fire a worker in an unlawful manner.


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