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Strengthen your sexual harassment claim with these tips

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

Victims of sexual harassment usually feel powerless to do anything about the unwanted and illegal behavior. Workers who need their jobs and are hesitant to do anything that might place their employment in jeopardy. Some victims choose not to file a claim and may seek out another job instead. While this is certainly their right, taking action can protect the employee and also help prevent others from experiencing sexual harassment.

If victims understood how to strengthen or prove their claims of harassment, many would choose to speak out against such behavior. In the interest of helping people make the best decision, following are a few tips that sexual harassment victims can use to improve their claims.

Consult with an employment law attorney: Talking with a lawyer provides many benefits including information about strategies for protecting yourself and your rights, advice tailored around the specifics of your case and guidance on your next steps.

Learn the law: Learning all you can about California laws on sexual harassment can help you navigate any legal proceedings that may arise. Your attorney can help you acquire the legal knowledge you seek.

Learn about your employer’s sexual harassment policies: Understanding your workplace’s policies surrounding such harassment can help you avoid mistakes if you decide to report the behaviors.

Document everything that happens: As soon as sexual harassment begins, start documenting everything to do with the incidents. Examples include the dates and times harassment occurred as well as the presence of any people who may have witnessed the behavior. In the hands of a lawyer experienced with sexual harassment cases, this documentation will go a long way toward helping you prove your claims/