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Can I be fired for my love life?

Jenny couldn’t have been happier. From the moment they met, she knew this relationship was different. Finally, she had someone with whom she could truly be herself. They spent time biking, shopping and cooking. Before long, they had moved in together and when they got engaged, Jenny was thrilled. Eager to share her good news, she proudly showed off her ring to her co-workers.

California's laws surrounding the handling of disabled employees

In California, there are a number of pieces of legislation that exist to protect those with disabilities from being discriminated against. Among those, there is the Fair Employment and Housing Act, Disabled Persons Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

How do companies provide for reasonable accommodation?

Companies throughout California and across the country are legally required to provide employees with reasonable accommodation if they have a disability. Today, we will define reasonable accommodation and explain how companies provide for this requirement when they have employees with disabilities.

An overview of severance pay in California

Severance pay is administered to employees who are terminated from their job due to no fault of their own. The pay is provided by the employer, which typically has some type of severance pay policy in place at the company. Here is a brief overview of severance pay in California.

Discrimination against workers occurs even in healthcare

We think of the healthcare industry -- compared to, say, mining -- as enlightened employers. But instances of discrimination and unjust treatment occur in hospitals, clinics and care centers just as they do in other industries.

How to identify sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is a common occurrence in the workplace today, even with the laws in place to protect employees. It can happen to anyone, including men, and can be committed by both employees and employers. It is an uncomfortable situation that no one should be submitted to at work or anywhere else in life. Here's how you can identify sexual harassment in the workplace.


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