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April 2018 Archives

Proposed California law would prevent secret arbitration

One of the greatest accomplishments in California is the concern that the state's laws and businesses show fair access to work for all populations. The government has recently prioritized fair employment and employee treatment practices to keep the state attractive to workers.

Asthmatic worker in California alleges disability discrimination

Employers owe it to the people making their business work to be in comfortable workplaces that serve their personal needs. This can go beyond ergonomic chairs and a working water cooler for many California offices, especially when they include workers with physical disabilities or other recognized conditions.

New ruling on Equal Pay Act moves to close gender pay gap

California has been ahead of the curve in addressing income inequality. Activists and legislators have worked hard to ensure that people of all races, backgrounds and genders are paid a fair wage for the same work. One of the most challenging barriers to this work is the persisting gender pay gap.

Men account for 17 percent of sexual harassment claims

Domination and humiliation are among the motives for sexual harassment in the workplace. Ask nearly any woman about being sexually harassed in this scenario, and she will likely tell you as much. Empowered by the #MeToo movement, many women have come forward angrily, and sometimes tearfully, to share their experiences of being a victim of sexual harassment.

New employment laws set in for Californians

California enacted nearly 900 new laws in 2017, and much of the legislation moved towards protecting employees in all sorts of workplaces. Employers and managers are adjusting their businesses to accommodate these new statutes. These include new hiring procedures, immigration enforcement and allowances for parental leave.


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