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October 2018 Archives

Sexual harassment lawsuits filed by men are increasing

If you are male and believe that you have been victim to sexual harassment in the state of California, you might feel hesitant to make a claim. This could be due to different reasons; however, it is important to note that the number of men coming forward to report sexual harassment is increasing.

Injuries at casinos can result in liability claims

Casinos are fast-paced environments that can bring excitement, entertainment and good fortune. In order to create an entertaining premises, casinos serve alcohol on the casino floor and often use lighting creatively. While most people visiting casinos report having a good experience whether they win or lose, unfortunately, some people report injuries as a result of hazards on the premises.

Can I claim wrongful termination if I accepted severance pay?

When you had your employment terminated, it is likely that you were in a state of shock and perhaps panic. When such an unexpected thing happens, we may worry about our future, and especially about our finances. Therefore, when a severance pay package is offered, we will most likely accept it without thinking twice.

What can I do if I was wrongfully fired as a nurse?

Being fired as a nurse can leave you in a very insecure financial situation, but it can also impede your ability to get a job afterward. Other hospitals might question the fact that you were previously fired or dismissed, and this could hurt your career options. It also might mean that you become forced to take a cut in salary.

New bill enforces breastfeeding privileges

The controversies surrounding breastfeeding in the media have extended to workplaces on several occasions. While pregnancy is often the more discussed topic, some companies and businesses have had issues with their employees breastfeeding in the past, leading to some workers facing acts of discrimination.


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