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Sexual harassment lawsuits filed by men are increasing

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

If you are male and believe that you have been victim to sexual harassment in the state of California, you might feel hesitant to make a claim. This could be due to different reasons; however, it is important to note that the number of men coming forward to report sexual harassment is increasing.

In 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that 16.1 percent of all sexual harassment charges were filed by men. In 2013, this number had increased to 17.6 percent. Therefore, it is a clear fact that any person of any gender can suffer as a result of sexual harassment, and such behavior should not be tolerated in the workplace under any circumstances.

What are the main types of sexual harassment?

One of the most commonly reported types of sexual harassment in the workplace is unwanted sexual attention. This can be perpetrated by anyone in the workplace, and it means that they are acting inappropriately toward another. For example, they might be giving compliments on appearance or body shape in a way that makes the recipient uncomfortable.

Other forms of sexual harassment can include the act of attempting to bribe a worker into committing sexual or romantic acts. For example, a manager might offer a worker a promotion in return for a date or for sexual favors. Such acts need never be tolerated since there are laws in place that protect all workers.

It is important to note that all sexual harassment charges can be filed confidentially. As a worker, you have the right to be treated fairly and there are laws in place to protect this right.