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October 2017 Archives

Tech company hit with charges of discrimination

America's workplaces are getting more demanding, and they are meeting the challenge by getting more diverse. Innovation and efficiency thrives with multiple viewpoints among employees and managers, and the tech and industry centers in California have grown at incredible speeds with this concept.

What exactly constitutes sexual harassment?

Question: I live in the Los Angeles area, and as many people have heard, there was a pretty big sexual harassment case here with Miramax films and Harvey Weinstein. That case seems obvious that sexual assault is not okay at work (or anywhere), but where is the line drawn when things are subtle?

California lawsuit alleges widespread gender discrimination

Federal laws, as well as California state statutes, guarantee workers' rights to equal wages for a job performed or a target met. Workplaces are made complete only when all feel welcome to do their work and get the proper reward, regardless of gender, race or religion.


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