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California car manufacturer sued for racial discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Employment Discrimination, Firm News |

Diversity is the great driver of innovation, industry and economic growth. California, one of the nation’s most diverse states, also has one of the world’s largest economies and a great stake in maintaining workplaces that are safe and attractive for all people who wish to work there.

Racial discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse of employees based on age or disability are all enemies of this diversity. Inappropriate and threatening behavior is corrosive to morale in companies of all types, as well as being personally offensive to employees and managers.

A motor vehicle production plant in California is under fire for racial discrimination practices that appeared to continue unchecked. An African-American former employee reported in a legal complaint that he was repeated called a racial slur by managers who were not disciplined after reports to human resources.

The man in question said he was dismissed for “not having a positive attitude.” A similar complaint against the same company alleges that the chief operating officer’s attitude that victims of discrimination need to be more thick-skinned in reaction has turned the company into “a hotbed for racial discrimination.”

Another African-American employee sued the automaker, alleging he was sexually harassed, racially harassed and racially discriminated against at a different facility. This adds to the suits against the company for related practices.

Victims of racial, sexual or other discrimination have rights to reclaim their dignity and claim restitution from employers and former employers. An attorney may help identify the right legal options for pressing a case against harassers and their employers.

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