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California legislators will hold hearings on sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

Although progress has been made in efforts to prevent sexual harassment and inappropriate sexualized behavior in the workplace, there is much work to be done. Recent allegations and discoveries show that several groups of Californian workers who simply want to pursue careers are facing harassment and discrimination in the entertainment, real estate and venture capital industries.

Now the state capital is getting scrutinized as the state assembly is calling hearings on sexual harassment during their next session in Sacramento. Hundreds of women signed an open letter expressing concerns about behavior at the Capitol, where many staffers do not enjoy the legal protections of whistleblowers because they are at-will employees.

“We absolutely need to make sure that anyone who comes forward is protected,” said the chair of the Assembly rules subcommittee exploring harassment. “Right now, we have policies that do that, but clearly it’s either breaking down or people don’t understand that they’re going to be unprotected.”

The hearings will likely include expert testimony on workplace safety, with the ultimate aim of proposing new protections for workers and guidelines against harassment for state employees and other workers in the Golden State.

A lobbyist in Sacramento reported “careless language” and “oversharing about personal details,” as well as “unwanted physical touches that tend to happen.”

Inappropriate comments, touching or behavior cannot be tolerated in the workplace, and victims of sexual harassment and employment discrimination may seek legal representation to help resolve the issue. An attorney will be up to date on these and other regulations that help victims seeks restitution after experiencing harassment or a hostile work environment.

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