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If you were fired for being gay, understand your legal rights

With the legalization of same-sex marriage, many Americans assumed that discrimination against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation was a thing of the past. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, if you're a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, you know that you're always at risk of facing discrimination on the street, at work, at church and even at home.

Was I wrongfully fired under the pretense of downsizing?

If you have recently been fired, it is likely that you were surprised by the sudden and arguably unnecessary termination of your employment. While your employer does not need to give a specific reason for why you were fired, they cannot fire you for a wrongful reason. For example, they cannot fire you for a discriminatory reason such as your race, religion, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

Can I claim wrongful termination if I accepted severance pay?

When you had your employment terminated, it is likely that you were in a state of shock and perhaps panic. When such an unexpected thing happens, we may worry about our future, and especially about our finances. Therefore, when a severance pay package is offered, we will most likely accept it without thinking twice.

Can I be wrongfully terminated under at-will employment?

When a person is employed at-will in the state of California, it means that there is no notice period that either employee or employer must adhere to when ending the employment relationship. This means that the terms of employment are not very secure and there will likely be no severance package or other benefits to come with the employment termination unless it is stated in the contract.

2 examples of wrongful termination in California

Nearly all American states embrace the "at-will" employment concept. What this means is that employees and employers are both free to end a working relationship whenever they want. This termination or employment can occur for a specific reason or for no reason at all. However, this does not give California employers the right to fire a worker in an unlawful manner.

Identifying discrimination-based wrongful termination

This might not make sense to some people, but it can actually be difficult to identify wrongful termination. For example, if an employer has been thinking about getting rid of a worker for illegal reasons, he or she may disguise the termination by listing a legal reason for firing the worker. Because the vast majority of employment in California is "at-will," wrongful termination can go completely overlooked.

Federal and state laws protect Californians and their jobs

Discrimination against protected groups is prohibited by federal and California law. Offenses may take the form of verbal abuse, limited opportunities or wrongful termination. The Golden State's Fair Employment and Housing Act names race, color, gender, disability and religion among other classes that create a protected group.

Suit for wrongful termination filed against food corporation

California law often exceeds federal regulations in protecting its workforce's employee rights. New laws supplement these protections, such as a 12-week requirement for new parent leave and a highly competitive minimum wage. One of the most important laws protects employees from wrongful termination or dismissal without cause.

California suit alleges wrongful termination and unfair policy

California's strong economy depends heavily on workers' ability to feel safe and secure in their jobs and workplaces. State laws and observing agencies help keep sites safe for employees as well as protect workers' rights to fair compensation and against dismissal without a fair cause.


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