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Watch out for these 2 warning signs of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2019 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

Most cases of sexual harassment at work begin innocently. You might start having a conversation with a coworker or your boss, and you might even enjoy talking to the person. However, the statements or behavior of the other person could eventually turn in an inappropriate direction. If that happens, it’s important to call attention to the behavior politely – and immediately ask for it to stop.

Here’s the kind of behavior you’ll want to address:

Sexist comments and remarks: You might notice that your workplace is full of people who love to make sexual jokes that make you feel uncomfortable. If this is happening in your job, and you don’t like it, this could be a form of sexual harassment. Nor do the jokes or comments need to be “sexual” in nature; they could be sexist too. When you find yourself enduring these kinds of comments, follow your employer’s sexual harassment procedure by reporting the behavior to the appropriate person.

Physical harassment: No one at work should be touching your physical body in any way. Although someone touching or even holding on to your leg, hand or arm could be natural in certain social contexts, your coworkers should not be engaging in this behavior. Even someone standing too close to you in a way that invades your personal boundaries could be construed as sexual harassment in some cases. Of course, this okay if you feel it’s appropriate or comfortable for you, but if it’s not, ask the person to stop.

These are just two of the many warning signs of sexual harassment. If you’re being victimized by any kind of sexualized or sexist behavior at work, our legal team is available to talk with you about your case in a free, no-obligation, first-time consultation.