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Does your industry have a high sexual harassment rate?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

You probably did not pick your career based on the sexual harassment rate in that industry, but that doesn’t mean you’re not thinking about it now. How often does it happen? Is your industry relatively “safe,” or do you really need to be wary because harassment happens often?

While it can happen in any industry and to anyone, here are some of the main industries where it has been identified as relatively common:

  • 14.23 percent of claims happened in the accommodation and food services industry, the higher percentage in the study.
  • 13.44 percent of claims occurred in the retail trade industry.
  • 11.72 percent of claims happened in the manufacturing industry.
  • 11.48 percent occurred in the healthcare and social assistance industries.
  • 6.48 percent of claims happened in the public administration field.
  • 4.94 percent of claims occurred in the transportation and warehousing industry.

These are a few of the higher percentages. Wondering what industries fall on the other side of the spectrum?

  • Just 0.61 percent of claims happened in the mining industry.
  • 0.63 percent of claims happened in the utility industry.
  • 0.65 percent of claims came from those involved with the management of companies and enterprises.
  • 1.61 percent came from the arts and the entertainment industry.

Now, there are a lot of reasons for the differences, and that’s a large discussion in its own right. But the key that you should take away from this is that it can happen anywhere. No matter what job you do, you have rights, and you need to know what steps to take when your employer violates them.