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What to know about your employer’s sexual harassment policy

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

Your employer’s sexual harassment policy should help prevent and limit instances of sexual harassment in your workplace, give clear guidelines about what sexual harassment is and offer you direction and procedures to follow in the event that you become a victim of this highly unconscionable behavior.

Here are several things you should make sure you understand within your employer’s anti-sexual harassment policy:

The policy should cover other types of harassment

Your employer’s sexual harassment policy should protect you from other kinds of harassment like racial-, ethnic-, religious- and national origin-based harassment. Make sure you understand the full scope of your protections by reading the policy carefully.

Understand what kinds of behaviors are prohibited

Within the sexual harassment policy, you should find a specific reference to what sexual harassment is. Make sure you read and understand any examples of sexual harassment, and if these example behaviors happen to you, report them to the appropriate person immediately.

Learn the procedure for reporting harassment

The sexual harassment policy should offer clear guidelines about what you should do in the event you become a victim. There should be a designated person to whom you report this behavior. Also, the policy should outline the procedures that your employer will follow after you make a report. Make sure that your employer follows these procedures to the letter.

If you have been sexually harassed in a way that conflicts with state and federal law and your employer’s anti-sexual harassment policy, learn more about your legal rights by getting in touch with our law firm. Our legal team is here to listen to your story and advise you of your options.