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Employment discrimination still occurs in California

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Employment Discrimination, Firm News |

Discriminating against a worker for any reason has been prohibited for many years. Awareness combined with government oversight has reduced much of this unethical employer behavior, but the problem still exists in all American states.

California is home to a vast array of industries from manufacturing to agriculture to construction to food service. It is one of the states in which employment possibilities exist for almost any skill set. Those of us who choose to reside here need employment to support our families and to continue enjoying the many benefits life in California offers. When an unscrupulous place of business engages in employment discrimination, it threatens the quality of life for many of our neighbors.

Sometimes employment discrimination is easy to recognize. We have helped many victims of such blatant discrimination expose this illegal behavior. However, sometimes it is not so blatant and victims have difficulty identifying discrimination, let alone doing something about it. They may simply have a gut feeling that they are being treated unfairly in the workplace. Examples of events that could cause such a feeling include:

  • Being passed over for raises or promotions despite performing well
  • Being denied pregnancy or family leave
  • Receiving less pay than other workers in the same job position
  • Having requests for reasonable disability accommodations denied

We want you to know that it is possible to uncover proof of discrimination in many cases, even when discriminatory behaviors are subtle. When those feelings of unfair treatment persist or worsen, it may be wise to seek advice from a legal advocate who can help you identify employment discrimination and choose the proper solution. To find out more about workplace discrimination in the state of California, please review the resources available on our website.