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California suit alleges wrongful termination and unfair policy

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination |

California’s strong economy depends heavily on workers’ ability to feel safe and secure in their jobs and workplaces. State laws and observing agencies help keep sites safe for employees as well as protect workers’ rights to fair compensation and against dismissal without a fair cause.

Four former employees from two offices of a health insurance firm in the Golden State have joined together to sue their previous employer for wrongful termination. Their claim centers on the company’s compensation plan for managers, which the plaintiffs claim is illegal.

The plan allegedly monitored employees’ requests for time off, for causes ranging from vacation to work-related surgery and used this data to give managers performance-based raises or cuts. One of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs said “this is an illegal policy.”

The plaintiffs were fired without the normal disciplinary timeline. This appears to have happened after they did not take advantage of a related policy encouraging managers to fire employees over absences that were protected by federal and California law.

The trial of the lawsuit was postponed so the parties could continue negotiating a possible settlement over the charges. The former employer has maintained the four plaintiffs were fired for reasons other than the employee absence policy.

Victims of unfair dismissal in the workplace and other labor law violations have the right to seek financial damages, reinstatement and other compensation for an unfair situation. An attorney can help people with a case assemble a civil lawsuit in the proper jurisdiction and forward it towards settlement, a trial by jury or other acceptable outcomes.

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