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California schools under scrutiny for sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment has been a problem in workplaces for decades if not longer. Fortunately, efforts across the nation and world have modernized attitudes towards gender and sexual harassment has decreased. Most workers, including all workers in California, also have options for fighting back against harassment when it happens.

The focus on preventing and correcting patterns of inappropriate sexualized behavior often rests on the workplace, where harassment can halt productivity as well as affect individuals unfairly. But these practices occur in many places in public society, and all of us have the responsibility to report instances of harassment and discrimination.

A mother in San Diego is dealing with one of several thousands reported cases of sexual harassment in California’s schools and school systems. Her daughter experienced several instances of inappropriate behavior from a male student, who reportedly made sexualized comments and gestures at many times while in class with her.

The school responded with an “action play,” which apparently separates students having disputes from having contact, but the mother of the alleged victim denies this is what happened. The family’s legal representative is currently weighing options for a solution to this one of 900 reported cases of sexual harassment in the schools of San Diego County in the last year.

Youth and lack of judgment is no excuse for sexual harassment in schools or workplaces. Victims of sexual harassment in public society have the right to claim financial damages for past actions and to stop future ones. An attorney can help victims and their families find the best way forward in civil law to settlements, jury verdicts and other solutions.

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