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Wrongful termination lawsuit involves California spa

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination |

People leave jobs for all sorts of reasons, but sometimes, Californians are removed from their employment for unjust reasons. If this is the case, sometimes a lawsuit can be the only solution.

The former director of facilities for a Napa County spa recently filed a lawsuit against his previous employer for wrongful termination through retaliation. The plaintiff alleges that he was fired after assorted attempts to make sure the company complied with federal and state guidelines.

The plaintiff was responsible for ensuring the facility’s regulatory strength with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Although the defense disagrees, the former director says the spa did not install required ramps and lifts for guests with disabilities.

The suit also alleges that the spa got a permit to build a new well but did not certify the required electrical and water connections. This oversight may have also led the organization to improperly report water use to state and municipal authorities.

The plaintiff said he was later left out of meetings in which important decisions were being made and was terminated later. The defendant responded by claiming the former director resigned his position, introducing confusion about how the man ended his relationship with his employer.

The lawsuit requests a trial by jury and unspecified damages, as well as legal fees and costs related to the case. Any person who believes he or she was wrongfully terminated from a job or subjected to retaliation has the right to seek compensation from a former employer to resolve the case.

An attorney can help possible plaintiffs weigh their legal options after they have had issues that overstep employers’ rights. No one should suffer retaliation from an insecure employer, especially if public safety is at risk.

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