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California police officer alleged sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment is not only unethical and illegal. Inappropriate behavior in the workplace can damage careers, destroy company morale and retard the growth of a culture of trust and cooperation. Harassment by people in power over public services is especially harmful to society as well as their co-workers.

It is vital that instances of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace do not go unreported. Although the process can be complicated and demoralizing, it matters to people beyond the direct victims of harassment. Legal representation can help ease the tension of reporting instances and pattern of misbehavior.

A police officer in Southern California is suing the city that employs him for unspecified damages, claiming that he was victimized by colleagues after alleging sexual harassment against one of them. The stress of the incident apparently forced his early retirement.

The officer reported the man in charge of his unit harassed his female colleague with inappropriate comments and physical contact such as massages. The lieutenant in charge of the unit began to retaliate against the officer and several of his colleagues after he reported the misbehavior, according to the suit.

The retaliation involved insufficient backup during searches, inadequate weaponry and unnecessary travel distances during assignments. The suit claims these actions put the safety of the unit’s officers at risk, forcing the plaintiff’s early retirement.

Anyone who been victimized by sexual harassment or reporting harassment may have a case for damages, including compensation for lost wages and emotional distress. A lawyer can help solidify these claims and determine the right legal path forward.

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