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Plan ahead to make the transition back to work easier after baby

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Blog, Firm News |

You are a new mom. Having your baby truly has changed your life. You love holding your baby. You sing your little bundle to sleep and rock back and forth in the special way only mothers can. You have spent almost every minute of your baby’s life right by their side. You knew you would have to go back to work at some point, but you didn’t think it would be so soon. You didn’t realize how quickly the time went by. Now you are trying to cope with heading back to work.

You can help make the transition a little smoother with these tips:

  • Talk to your boss. Let your boss know of any needs that you have. Will you need to pump at work? Let your boss know. Understand how that process will work. Ask your boss what your priorities will be upon your return. Have there been any big changes? Are there any new or large projects? Talk to your boss about your schedule. See if you can ease into the transition. Is it possible to start on a Wednesday instead of Monday? Can you work flexible or shortened hours? Are there work-from- home options? What is the policy regarding breaks to pump?
  • Stock up on items. You will want to have all the necessities for pumping. Pack a bag to bring to work. Grab items to take to work such as nursing pads, snack food and antibacterial wipes. What will make you more comfortable? Have extra items for the baby ready as well. You don’t want to come home from work to discover you are out of wipes or diapers. Do both of you have enough food for the week? Do you need paper towels? Are you stocked with toilet paper?
  • Schedule your time. You may benefit from blocking off time in your work schedule to pump. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself with work at home. Separate work time from family time. Don’t feel guilty about either.
  • Practice! Practice telling people ‘no’ and planning things out. Do a dry run of your morning routine. Figure out what routine works most efficiently. Practice pumping with the pump you will take to work. Do it in a setting that is different than your normal home routine.

It can be hard to make the transition back to work after having your baby. You should remember that your emotions are high—and that this is totally okay. Be nice to yourself as you make the transition.