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California police officers accused of discrimination

It may feel to progressive managers and workers that the United States has left the era of workplace discrimination behind. This may seem true especially in California, where high-tech industries represent the cutting edge of industry and innovation.

California car manufacturer sued for racial discrimination

Diversity is the great driver of innovation, industry and economic growth. California, one of the nation's most diverse states, also has one of the world's largest economies and a great stake in maintaining workplaces that are safe and attractive for all people who wish to work there.

Tech company hit with charges of discrimination

America's workplaces are getting more demanding, and they are meeting the challenge by getting more diverse. Innovation and efficiency thrives with multiple viewpoints among employees and managers, and the tech and industry centers in California have grown at incredible speeds with this concept.

California lawsuit alleges widespread gender discrimination

Federal laws, as well as California state statutes, guarantee workers' rights to equal wages for a job performed or a target met. Workplaces are made complete only when all feel welcome to do their work and get the proper reward, regardless of gender, race or religion.

Prosthetics company accused of discrimination by employee

A prosthetics business has been accused of discrimination by an employee in California. The employee, a woman, has sued the business. She claims the company discriminated against her, retaliated against her and even wrongfully terminated her from employment. She resides in Placer County.

Discrimination against workers occurs even in healthcare

We think of the healthcare industry -- compared to, say, mining -- as enlightened employers. But instances of discrimination and unjust treatment occur in hospitals, clinics and care centers just as they do in other industries.

How to spot employment discrimination

Employment discrimination is illegal in the United States and the laws are in place in the state of California to prevent this type of discrimination. Even though laws are in place, it's still common for employees to suffer workplace discrimination by either co-workers or employers. You need to know the signs of employment discrimination in order to stop it immediately in California.

Lawsuit alleges discrimination starts at the top of the company

A lawsuit against Viacom, Black Entertainment Television (BET) and the network's former programming president alleges that gender discrimination permeates the upper ranks of the network and creates an atmosphere of hostility toward women throughout the company.


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