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3 federal laws that protect American employees

Employees in the United States have a wide variety of legal rights under federal law. These rights, codified by specific federal laws, are not available to all employees, but they are available to many of them. Let's briefly review three of the laws that grant employees specific rights:

Facing a discriminatory firing as a driver

If you are a commercial driver in the state of California, you would hope that you would be judged on your ability to drive safely and professionally, rather than on anything else. Unfortunately, many drivers in the state of California have experienced being fired for no good reason, leading them to believe that they may have been fired because of discrimination.

What can I do if I was wrongfully fired as a nurse?

Being fired as a nurse can leave you in a very insecure financial situation, but it can also impede your ability to get a job afterward. Other hospitals might question the fact that you were previously fired or dismissed, and this could hurt your career options. It also might mean that you become forced to take a cut in salary.

Am I a nonexempt employee?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has a set of guidelines in place that determines who is protected by certain laws that are in place for employers. Whether you are exempt or nonexempt can be quite confusing for both employees and employers, but it is very important in determining your rights when it comes to gaining overtime pay and minimum wage.

Employment law: Protected activities and workplace retaliation

Did you know that certain acts in which you engage as a California worker are protected under federal employment law? These are called protected activities and typically involve a worker reporting unlawful actions on the part of the company, a boss or a co-worker. We have included a few examples of protected activities as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):

Anti-discrimination laws toughen in California

Employment and housing should be available to everyone willing to work for it. Although many challenges remain before workplace and housing discrimination are conquered, California is on the forefront of protecting workers and residents as groups and on case-by-cases basis.

California Supreme Court ruling redefines employment law

From union breaks to medical leave guarantees, the world of labor regulation has been built on workers standing up to unfair conditions. Many rules are enforced by companies and local governments, but the state government in Sacramento is the main creator and enforcer of the laws that keep employees safe.

New employment laws set in for Californians

California enacted nearly 900 new laws in 2017, and much of the legislation moved towards protecting employees in all sorts of workplaces. Employers and managers are adjusting their businesses to accommodate these new statutes. These include new hiring procedures, immigration enforcement and allowances for parental leave.

Lawsuit challenges independent contractor status in California

Employment is a privilege, and employees of all kinds are granted specific rights under United States and California law. These laws guarantee paid wages, safe worksites and other basic requirements of security and confidence of workers, managers and customers.


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