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California lawsuit involves Family Medical Leave Act

Employees of all businesses have protected rights under California law, including freedom from sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior. If a worker is terminated from his or her position, an employer must show a legal cause to protect his or her rights to employment.

California suit alleges wrongful termination and discrimination

Diversity in the workplaces of California is one of the main causes of the state's economic strength. The best managers and employees support this diversity, and the laws of the Golden State underpin one of the most progressive agendas in ensuring all types of people can work without fear of harassment or discrimination.

An overview of severance pay in California

Severance pay is administered to employees who are terminated from their job due to no fault of their own. The pay is provided by the employer, which typically has some type of severance pay policy in place at the company. Here is a brief overview of severance pay in California.

An overview of at-will employment

Many people are surprised to learn that they are an at-will employee. This means that their employer can fire them at anytime, for any reason, with or without notice. So, an at-will employee can lose his or her job the minute he or she walks into the building one morning. Or at the end of the day and not be given two weeks to find a new job. Here is a little overview of at-will employment in California.

What are some reasons for wrongful discharge?

Anytime someone is let go from a professional position, they are likely to feel slighted and wronged. Getting fired or laid off — no matter how much it might hurt — doesn't always mean you were wrongfully discharged. Here are some legal reasons that you might have been let go unlawfully.


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