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California teacher alleges culture of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has gone in recent decades from an expected imposition to an unacceptable issue in the workplace. Smart employers and managers now acknowledge that women, minorities and other protected groups deserve equal treatment and freedom from inappropriate behavior. But the struggle remains real for thousands of workers in California and elsewhere in the nation.

California police officer alleged sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is not only unethical and illegal. Inappropriate behavior in the workplace can damage careers, destroy company morale and retard the growth of a culture of trust and cooperation. Harassment by people in power over public services is especially harmful to society as well as their co-workers.

Sexual harassment complaints on the rise

Sexual harassment has been a constant problem in workplaces and elsewhere in society for centuries. It is often easy to ignore the problem if it is not part of a person's daily life, but it seems that -- whether or not sexual harassment is on the rise -- legal attention being paid to the social scourge is increasing.

Nondisclosure agreements under scrutiny in California

Sexual harassment is getting more attention in the news this year, as several industries appear to be rife with previously untold inappropriate behavior by male supervisors and colleagues. An integral part of the problem appears to be the system of restrictions that attempted to keep these allegations from the public.

Retaliation rampant in California sexual harassment cases

Sexual harassment has been a problem in American workplaces for decades, although it is getting far more attention in recent months. A nationwide trend of discoveries and allegations indicates that the time of unpunished inappropriate behavior may finally be drawing to a close.

California legislators will hold hearings on sexual harassment

Although progress has been made in efforts to prevent sexual harassment and inappropriate sexualized behavior in the workplace, there is much work to be done. Recent allegations and discoveries show that several groups of Californian workers who simply want to pursue careers are facing harassment and discrimination in the entertainment, real estate and venture capital industries.

Manager may have been fired for reporting sexual harassment

Sexual harassment continues to be a notable problem in employment, despite decades of focused attention to the problem across all American industries. Startups and other high-tech companies have recently reported problems, making the problem of discrimination an important one in the industry's unofficial capital in California.

Man says he was let go after reporting sexual harassment

A former senior operations manager for Social Finance Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the company. He said he reported seeing female colleagues harassed by their managers. In addition, he says he saw managers who would cancel loans that had mistakes in order to retain high bonuses.

How to identify sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is a common occurrence in the workplace today, even with the laws in place to protect employees. It can happen to anyone, including men, and can be committed by both employees and employers. It is an uncomfortable situation that no one should be submitted to at work or anywhere else in life. Here's how you can identify sexual harassment in the workplace.


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