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Is it legal to discriminate against employees based on their DNA?

Imagine you reported to a job interview, and your future boss asked you to spit into a cup. You don't have any strands of DNA that could produce a red hiring flag, so you get the job. The guy behind you, on the other hand, isn't so lucky. Although you're both the same in every respect, the other person has a DNA signature that your boss doesn't want.

Were you fired for being gay in California?

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees get the feeling in the workplace that their employer or co-workers treat them differently because of their sexual orientation. This can be a very frustrating and upsetting experience and one that you might feel powerless to do anything about.

What evidence can help prove employment discrimination?

Despite the many federal and state laws prohibiting employment discrimination, it still occurs at an alarming rate in California and other states. It is difficult in many cases to understand why employment discrimination still happens in this age of tolerance and acceptance. Some victims may even have difficulty determining if they are suffering discrimination or just imagining things.

Electronics firm settles gender pay gap case

Employees in the Golden State can expect some of the best workplace rights protections in the United States and the world. California defines more than a dozen protected classes of people by gender, race, disability and other personal factors that may not suffer discrimination under the state's law. This means that none of these groups may be treated differently in the workplace based on those factors.

New ruling on Equal Pay Act moves to close gender pay gap

California has been ahead of the curve in addressing income inequality. Activists and legislators have worked hard to ensure that people of all races, backgrounds and genders are paid a fair wage for the same work. One of the most challenging barriers to this work is the persisting gender pay gap.

Workplace discrimination led to massive civil suit

Workplaces are centers of productivity and should be free of any sort of discrimination due to race, gender, sexual orientation and other classifications protected by the state of California. If supervisors and colleagues abuse people in the workplace, the victim has the right to speak out against it.


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