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Men account for 17 percent of sexual harassment claims

Domination and humiliation are among the motives for sexual harassment in the workplace. Ask nearly any woman about being sexually harassed in this scenario, and she will likely tell you as much. Empowered by the #MeToo movement, many women have come forward angrily, and sometimes tearfully, to share their experiences of being a victim of sexual harassment.

How California employment laws protect pregnant employees

A woman working in California could become pregnant and find herself in a vulnerable position with her job. Employers often protect the health of their business at the expense of their employees. This may be unlawful and could put your place of employment under the spotlight of a discrimination lawsuit.

California law expands parental leave for 2.7 million workers

California parents who work for small companies and are trying to piece together a parental leave to care for their newborn or newly adopted child can breathe a sigh of relief in 2018. An update to California law recently went into effect that expands leave protections to more employees.

What exactly constitutes sexual harassment?

Question: I live in the Los Angeles area, and as many people have heard, there was a pretty big sexual harassment case here with Miramax films and Harvey Weinstein. That case seems obvious that sexual assault is not okay at work (or anywhere), but where is the line drawn when things are subtle?

Plan ahead to make the transition back to work easier after baby

You are a new mom. Having your baby truly has changed your life. You love holding your baby. You sing your little bundle to sleep and rock back and forth in the special way only mothers can. You have spent almost every minute of your baby’s life right by their side. You knew you would have to go back to work at some point, but you didn’t think it would be so soon. You didn’t realize how quickly the time went by. Now you are trying to cope with heading back to work.

Can I be fired for my love life?

Jenny couldn’t have been happier. From the moment they met, she knew this relationship was different. Finally, she had someone with whom she could truly be herself. They spent time biking, shopping and cooking. Before long, they had moved in together and when they got engaged, Jenny was thrilled. Eager to share her good news, she proudly showed off her ring to her co-workers.


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